Jason lee Pencil Dick

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FCA Manager Jason Lee

It never surprises me how a company can allow this kind of sexual abuse with trafficking in windsor..jason brought you women to his office at night as outcalls..minors sex traffic

Jason lee. Windsor ontario FCA Even the escorts are complaining..he stalks and abuses them. Abuses his authority..cheats on his wife…abuses her.

Jason lee FCA Manager

So how before FCA gets sued by a sex trafficked child because Jason is bringing them to his office at yard after hours..he has escorts daily. Married second time..abused his

Kevin Buurma Angileri – Chandler, Arizona

Phone number: (480) 751-9433 Location: 46150 W Windmill Dr Maricopa, AZ Email: Status: Active Predator Crime: Aggravated child molestation and indecent exposure Kevin Buurma Angileri DOB:6/16/1968 from Chandler, Arizona

FCA Manager Jason Lee…Buse..this man should be all everyone’s list. He is disgusting Child molestation 5199873661 Chinese 5-10 Tattoos

FCA manager Jason Lee

This guy is on here so mich8because he is such bad news 1. He is married and expecting 2. He has escorts daily 3. He does outcalls at his FCA