Ashley Shelton — Johnson City, Tennessee

Name: Ashley Shelton

Location: Johnson City, Tennessee

Number: 4234700204


Status: Active Predator

Description: She took my 14-year-old son out to dinner and this predator vehemently tried to order every drink possible for my 14-year-old son. She was basically mostly silent, rude, and not too friendly. When she and my son went back to her place. My child was somewhat drunk. She then began staring with a sex toy that she was using on my son’s dick and my son woke up naked in her bed. She had taken advantage of him and knew what she was doing. She then began aggressively asking my son about the sex toy and behaving like a predator and major pervert towards him. She kept hovering over him, and my son told her to stop getting so close. Keep your children away from Ashley Shelton

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